A Sustainable Salon

What is a sustainable salon you may ask?

We are so very proud to have been accepted as an officially recognised 'Sustainable Salon' which is no light feat.

Recently we set up our salon to reduce the amount of waste placed in the general bin, prevented chemicals from escaping down the drain, even our hair care bottles, hair foils and hair cuttings have a place to be stored and then collected for repurpose and redistribution- it's been a big change for us but a worthwhile one. The aim is for at least 95% of salon waste to be saved from the dumpster and landfill, we are making a conscious change.

Just think, from now on you too can consciously make the change to visit a salon (yep ours!) that is making a difference to ensure that our waterways are cleaner, rubbish tips less full, and our environment saved for future generations to come.

If you want to know a little more about the amazing organisation we have partnered with please simply ask us (we love to rave about it) or visit sustainablesalons.org

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